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We realise that buying a leather jacket online can be a little scary. After all, it’s a fair chunk of money and what if it doesn’t fit? Or you don’t like it? Or it takes forever to arrive?


Choosing and buying a leather jacket can be daunting. It’s not a cheap item (at least not if you want it to last) and it is very difficult to judge the quality or fit online.


We accept orders from all over the world. In addition to a unique shopping experience in the Stitchtite Online Store, we also offer quick and convenient shipping of your order.

Why Stitchtite?

Any wardrobe is simply incomplete without a great leather jacket. A search for a good leather jacket is exactly where Stitchtite started, were in the market, looking for leather jackets ourselves.

We were fed up with either choosing between fast fashion or overpriced luxury. On one side were luxury brands, which meant spending over $1000, and on the other side was fast fashion which meant buying a product that wouldn’t last for years to come. Where were the other options?

After much digging and research, it turned out that the explanation for higher prices of leather outerwear was; the long supply chain of distributors, wholesalers, and retailers coupled with costly marketing campaigns. This meant only a minute fraction of the price consumers paid went into the product itself.

We could identify that the problem was solvable and consumers like us deserve better, so we started Stitchtite.

The challenge we took on ourselves was simple, make it easy for people to buy a high-quality leather jacket at accessible pricing.

By cutting out the unnecessary expenses, designing and manufacturing in-house, selling directly to consumers, and utilizing just-in-time production we can provide higher-quality leather jackets at a fraction of the market price.

We know that electrifying feeling of wearing a Stitchtite and believe everyone has the right to have that feeling.

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